Created in April 2019, SpeciesMedia is a specialized agency performance in online marketing and offline whose goal is to generate results.

the agency

We increase your sales

We offer a series of ideas and possibilities (online and offline), in terms of tools and resources to obtain positioning their brand effectively and thereby improve their presence, visibility, and results. summary, sales.

What do we offer?

The important thing is not the quantity but the quality

Quality is paramount

if it is good for you, It is good for us

All the services

design, production and development

Your own Databases

we arrive in all kinds of public

Maximum effectiveness

we design, we study and evaluate



We have databases own in Spain, France, Italy; landings for the generation of database (Co-registration and/or Co-sponsoring and a great support with partners), as well as adserver of last generation.

Planning and buying

CPM, CPC, CPL, CPA, CPD Models Web and mobile.

Email Marketing

Your own Databases Spanish, French and Italian, as well as our partners.

Generation of databases

Specializing in Co-registration and/or Co-sponsoring to generate qualified databases and its monetization throughout the world through our landings and our partners.

Campaigns and web production

Planning media campaigns display in Premium Web, Mobile and RBT Web.
Web Production and mobile: Landing, webs, technology for the treatment of leads, platforms, adserver, mobile applications, and technology solutions etc…

Negotiation, media planning and buying

TV, newspapers, radio, outdoor.

Tracking tools offline campaigns and pre/post evaluation

Market research, investment analysis and market competition in all media.
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Email y landing
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Email y landing
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Database of quality

Online campaigns to work it is essential the catchment of a large volume of brochures to get increase your database, and with it the number of potential end users and customers.

The microsite encouraged is a device of acquisition particularly efficient to generate large volumes of abstraction.

To achieve this objective are organized promotional operations (contests, sweepstakes, etc. .. ) And, like the microsites, the databases are another source of extra traffic and allow you to optimize the image and the hearing of the brand.


Is the most innovative and effective tool of online advertising and is based on increasing its list of potential customers in a cost-effective and reliable.

With the basis of data obtained by this means, you will be able to make shipments of email marketing as necessary, either to present their new products or to communicate the new offerings that will reach the market.

The corregistros for advertisers can be of 2 types:

It is added in the form of the affiliated websites and when the user registers must accept the terms and conditions of the advertiser by making this email address becomes part of their database.

The registered receive a mail that must be read and validate the computerized.

Doble optin
produces large volumes of catchment
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In both types of corregistros you can get data such as email, age, zip code, sex, country, phone number, employment status, etc…

Email y landing
Email y landing
Email y landing
Email y landing
Email y landing
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Landing mark

Its aim is to attract highly qualified customers that come to the profile more akin to its brand through its image, defining their values and innovations.

The microsite of brand is the favorite device of acquisition of premium brands and those that seek to position themselves as such, since it allows you to select the profiles potentially more faithful, interested in brand and its identity.

SpeciesMediahas designed and deployed this solution for brands that work the sectors of the luxury, beauty and wellbeing, as well as travel and leisure and even online banking.

Indirectly this device allows, already not only capture, but also strengthen and revitalize both the communication and the visibility of the brand in a selected audience, providing a source of extra traffic to your web.


We offer solutions that sell today and build brand for the morning. These are some of the brands that have been with SpeciesMedia: